ROSS Corporation is Kharkiv multi-activity production association demonstrating striking example of an enterprise already now maximally approximate to European quality standards. The company could create strong and competitive product and put it on the market under ROSS brand name only due to bringing of an advanced Western technology to a production process and equipping of the plant with the most modern Western machinery.
Company direction concentrated main forces on the production development. It was staked on co-operation with recognized world leaders considered to be “trendsetters” in the defined branch of industry and gained general acceptance for perfect quality of their products. Leading European OEM suppliers were chosen as partners: EMBRACO (Italy), SEST (Italy), REMIS (Germany), ECO (Italy), ELIWELL (Italy), LAMPRE (Italy), SIME (Italy), GRUPPO IMAR (Italy), THERMOWATT (Italy), ARTHERMO (Italy), POLIDORO (Italy), MERTIK MAXITROL (Germany), GIANNONI (Italy), IRCA (Italy), FIME (Italy), AIRFLOW LUFTTECHNIK (Germany) and others.
High results could not be achieved without technical modernization of own production and adoption of own metal processing and products painting technologies as well as wide application of electronic devices. At a present time all sheet metal is machined on «DELTA» turret punch presses, «ZINSER» plasma cutting machines, «LVD» bending machines. Mechanical treatment of metal is performed on Swiss NC automated machines. Besides, an enterprise has its own tool production equipped with the most modern facilities. All electronic control systems are developed and produced at a specialized bay of an instrument making plant affiliated to ROSS company. All this as a whole allows achieve good productivity and high quality of the output goods.
Design Institute is an organization department of ROSS multi-activity production association.
Functions of the Institute are:

  • esearch engineering and development works, mounting and start-adjusting related to gas-consuming energy saving equipment, industrial boiler-houses and heat and gas supply systems;
  • assembly testing of gas-consuming heat-and-power engineering equipment;
  • kitting-up and delivery of boiler and thermal equipment.

  • Subdivisions of the Institute include: construction and design departments, engineering and training centers, scientific and test laboratories, mounting and start-adjusting departments, kitting-up department and budget-contracting group. Staff of the Institute is formed of highly skilled specialists whose considerable experience allows solve problems of any level of complexity in designing, building, mounting and reconstruction of modern heat-and-power engineering equipment. License (seriesАВ № 050258) and resolutions of State Committee on Labour Protection are obtained for all kinds of works execution. Original constructive decisions applied in ROSS production for heat and gas supply, wide assortment, use of world leaders’ technologies, availability of design, engineering and start-adjusting departments in own structure of the enterprise afford to solve queries of the most exacting customer. Dealer rights conferred by many of well-known producers make it possible to complete and perform full work package at obtainable prices and upper quality.