Economy class includes the following product lines of showcases: BARI, RIMINI, Rossinka. Showcases of this class present an economical solution for equipping of trade pavilions, bars and markets. Choice between dimension types, colours and model versions affords ample opportunities for your wishes come true.


imageStandard class, represented by SIENA and GOLD showcases product lines - is an optimal choice for small and middle size shops. Company offers wide choice of showcases by length and depth, by glazing version and colour alternatives. Middle-temperature and low-temperature modifications are available.


imageThe class is represented by BELLUNO and BELLUNO-K showcases product lines. These showcases are designed for shops and small supermarkets equipping. The showcases can be joined in lines of any length and configuration. They are produced both with static and dynamic cooling. Versions with built-in aggregate are available as well as versions for centralized refrigeration supply.

De luxe-class


De luxe class is represented by SORRENTO showcases family. SORRENTO family showcases are designed for big shops and supermarkets equipping and include different types of refrigerating, confectionary, freezing and thermal showcases. Availability of corner elements makes it possible to compose the showcases in lines of different configurations. Characteristic feature of this class is usage of high technologies and modern design.

Freezing and refrigerating chambers


The Company ROSS offers refrigerating and freezing chambers, made on the individual order client.

Full equipping for shops and supermarkets


ROSS company effects complex equipping of shops and supermarkets. We supply full package of services to our customers: from the equipment choice and design-project developing to mounting and service maintenance.

Equipment for supermarkets

imageROSS company produces refrigerating equipment for large-dimensioned self-service shops. Product lines of FLORENZIA showcases, RAVENNA regals, VENEZIA bonnets, as well as multicompressor stations are produced.

Trading Racks


Rack component, size and color selection cam be made in accordance with individual customer order. To support our clients with qualitative and properly selected equipment our Company gives free consultations, developing "key ready" projects.



This section presents specialized equipment: MODENA refrigerating wall-cases for self-service shops, PAOLA freezing island "bonnet", "fish-on-ice" display cases, TORINO refrigerating cabinets for drinks.