Gas boilers, geysers and convectors

imageImport component parts and high quality materials of European leading manufacturers in the branch of industry are used in a process of development and production of gas boilers, geysers and convectors.


imageBoiler is used for water heating by means of a coil with hot water from a heating system or, at customer’s demand, by means of 3 kW electric heating element.  Indirect heating boiler can supply hot water to cottages, flats and offices.

Electrical boilers, water heaters and convectors


Attractive design and wide assortment of electrical convectors, boilers, flow-collecting type water heaters satisfy requirements of the most hard-to-please customers.

Industrial heating equipment

imageIndustrial heating equipment product line includes such series of products as infrared heaters, modular boiler houses, fire-tube water heating boilers of high capacity designed for industrial buildings and structures heating.

Solar collectors

imageSolar collectors are used in sanitary hot water supply and domestic heating systems. Solar collectors can be used together with traditional systems for preheating of heat-transfer agent.

Auxiliary equipment

imageAuxiliary equipment includes the following products: burner assembly with gas control relays; heating system by-pass line.