Stationary alarms

imageStationary alarms control combustible gases, steams and their mixtures pre-explosive concentrations in the air. Stationary alarms family includes: SCHIT-2 combustible gases and vapors thermochemical alarms; SCHIT-3 multifunctional alarms; SOS-1, СТХ-7М thermochemical alarms.

Portable thermochemical alarms

imageIndustrial portable thermochemical alarms are designed for combustible gases, vapors and their mixtures pre-explosive concentrations in the air monitoring.  The alarms are represented by СТХ-17 explosimeters of different modifications. 

Semiconductor portable alarms

imageAutomatic semiconductor portable alarms are measuring tools designed for unit toxic and combustible gases as well as vapors micro-concentrations control. This type of devices is represented by ZOND-1 semiconductor alarms of different modifications.

Domestic gas alarms

imageDomestic gas alarms are safety devices designed for automatic continuous control over volume fraction of combustible gases and carbon monoxide. SGB-1 alarms family is the most mass article of the company. 

Stationary gas analyzers

imageStationary gas analyzers are designed for continuous control over oxygen impurity content in hydrogen or hydrogen impurity content in oxygen. GTX-1M gas analyzer represents these devices type.

Signaling devices

imageSignaling devices are designed for signals receipt from signaling systems, power outage and signals transmission to executive units when gas contamination, fire or break-in happen. The signaling devices are represented by: UPSK-1 and UPSK-2 signaling devices, BUVS-1 and BUVS-1 outer signaling control blocks. Executive units are represented by YC-1 type signaling devices.

Gas fittings

imageGas fittings are represented by full range of the equipment produced by leading native and foreign manufacturers: electromagnetic valves, gas filters, filters-regulators, ball valves, gas pressure regulators, gas meters, gas cabinets. 

CNG conversion kits for cars and domestic application

imageDomestic CNG conversion kit is designed for transportation, storage and automatic keeping of hydrocarbon gases pressure within specified limits.
CNG conversion kit for cars is designed for application as auxiliary equipment making it possible to use liquid or compressed gas as a fuel.

GRPSH cabinet-type gas-regulating points

imageGRPSH cabinet-type gas-regulating points are applied for:
gas decontamination; gas high and medium pressure reducing to low; output pressure automatic  keeping within specified limit irrespective of gas flow and input pressure; automatic cut of gas supply at emergency beyond specified limits increase or decrease of output pressure; gas flow metering.
Cabinet-type gas-regulating points are used in gas-supply systems of rural districts and urban localities, holiday villages, community facilities, industrial and agricultural enterprises, boiler houses, domestic and public buildings.
Cabinet-type gas-regulating points are produced in accordance with ТУ У 45.6-00223237-639:2006 specifications.