ROSS public corporation is one of Ukrainian leaders in production and delivery of goods for heating and comfort microclimate creation. We bring comfort in houses, offices and working areas. While new articles creation we attach grate importance to concern for people’s health, environmental protection and power consumption considerable reduction. ROSS boilers demonstrate that very features the most hard-to-please customers expect from modern heating boiler: reliable quality, safety operation and ease of maintenance - and all these for long years. Range of boiler-furnace equipment produced by ROSS is represented by: from 7 up to 100 kW power boilers, from 2.5 up to 6 kW power gas convectors. Wall-hung boilers range includes 9; 24; 26; 28 and 32 kW power boilers. Solid propellant boilers produced are of power from 20 up to 40 kW. Besides mentioned equipment ROSS company during 3 years already produces gas and electric water heaters.  Produced instantaneous gas water heaters are of power from 17 up to 21 kW. From 50 up to 150 liters gas water heaters with up to 3 kW heating elements are also in production. Gas water heaters with 120; 150; 300 liters tank capacity are successfully produced. Distinctive feature of all water heaters produced by ROSS company is their tank produced of high-quality stainless steel. ROSS public corporation pays great attention to industrial heating equipment. With this purpose manufacture of industrial infrared heaters from 15 up to 50 kW power was developed successfully, as well as production of high-power (100; 300; 500 kW) heating boilers and modules for boiler-houses building-up.



As is known success of commercial establishment depends on many factors and good design is one of them. Striking individual image of a shop attracts much more customers whereas comfort atmosphere of sales area creates orresponding mood and promotes sales volumes. Refrigerating equipment is the most important part of a modern shop. A lot depends on choice of the equipment: products quality, expenses of the shop owner and undoubtedly success of a business in all. ROSS refrigerating equipment for supermarkets will facilitate attraction of customers as well as ensure wide demonstration abilities and products freshness. Refrigerating equipment under ROSS brand name will give an opportunity to be advantageously distinguished among food producers. Goods exhibited in ROSS refrigerated cases for Уby homeФ shops will help to find regular customers and attract new buyers. Your shop with our equipment will gain individual style and own charisma obligatory bringing you to success. We shall do our best for your business to be beneficial and your customers to be always pleased.



For industrial and domestic needs ROSS public corporation produces more than 10 types of combustible gases, steams and their mixtures pre-explosive concentrations stationary and portable gas analyzers and signaling devices. Besides, ROSS public corporation develops and produces wide range of gas regulatory stations and distributes gas fittings of such leading world producers as FIORENTINI, WATTS, MADAS, DELTA, IVR and others.


imageROSS public corporation develops and produces highly remunerative equipment for food industry. One of the first in Ukraine the company successfully mastered the manufacture of modern rotary bakery ovens then sold in Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and a lot of other CIS countries. ROSS company gave consideration to small-scale business as well and produced a series of confectionery convection ovens and proofs for them then successfully operated in a lot of cafes, restaurants and fast-food chains. Company Ross developed the manufacture of tunnel ovens with the capacity from 7 up to 30 tons per day designed for hearth bread, long loafs and rye-wheat bread baking.
 All the ovens are designed and produced individually on the basis of specified volume and type of bakery products.



For 10 years we develop and manufacture highly profitable equipment for the food industry. Now the list of manufactured equipment with over 300 items, including pasta production.



Carved metal products. Magnetic water treatment device. Magnetic fuel treatment device.